Järvi-Suomen Energia at a glance

We are a trusted electricity supplier in Finland’s Lakeland district. Our mission is to supply your home with electricity and ensure that our network serves our customers regardless of the weather. We aim to design and build an even stronger and more reliable electricity grid in close co-operation with our partners. Our maintenance services work tirelessly to ensure a steady supply of electricity to every home in Finland’s unique lake district.

Revenue 2022

134 million euros

We supply to

Over 100,000 customers

Length of our grid

28,000 kilometers

We work with

Almost 150 partners

Intelligence and electricity hand in hand

Running right next to our electricity grid is an intelligent telecommunications cable. The optical cable enables us to closely monitor our grid and react quickly to any issues. A unified electricity and telecommunication grid is cost-effective and a significant factor in the area’s future success. Analyzing the data our grid provides lets us serve our customers even better.

We have been able to shorten disturbances at a steady pace.

Network area

The dark blue area on the map depicts our network area in Finland’s Lakeland District.